30 km/h decree in Tunisia

In February 2023, in Tunisia, decree 151/2000 has been approved for 30 km/h zones around schools across the country. The decree was approved during a meeting of the Council of Ministers, presided over by Prime Minister Naglaa Boudin Ramadan.

The new decree is an advocacy success for Alliance member Les Ambassadeurs de la Sécurité Routière (ASR). The NGO has been advocating with the Tunisian government for 30 km/h zones since 2018. ASR has taken a long-term, sustained approach to push this specific, key evidence-based intervention and leverage opportunities. Campaigns, including the #Love30 UN Global Road Safety Week and #CommitToAct, and a national campaign with the Ministry of Transport under the slogan Keep your speed to 30 km/h, have helped to build community and media support. Taking part in the Botnar Tunisia Challenge, supported by the Global Road Safety Partnership, that aims to create Safer and Healthier Journey’s for Children in the City of Tunis, has enabled ASR to increase its capacity and to strengthen its data and evidence-base for 30 km/h limits to keep children safe. Alliance offerings, including the Incubator Program and LEARN, have mentored and supported the NGO. Developing strong relationships with government officials and coalitions with multiple stakeholders have enabled it to maintain pressure.

Now that the decree has been approved, ASR’s next steps are to raise road users’ awareness of the decree through information and communication campaigns and to organize training sessions for executives at the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of the Interior, and the municipalities to support them in implementing 30 km/h zones.

Afef Ben Ghenia, ASR’s president says, “Hard work, persistence, and perseverance always pays in the the end, and when we see the result, we are even more convinced to continue our fight to save more lives on our roads”
This is an example of how NGOs can push forward their advocacy by maximizing opportunities. The Alliance is here to support them.

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