Networking and Sharing

The Africa Chapter connects Alliance NGOs in Africa, enabling them to work more closely on common challenges and solutions and to call together for action.

The Africa Chapter benefits from the activities and initiatives of the Alliance at global level, including PUBLICATIONS, GLOBAL MEETINGS and other EVENTS. The work of members is showcased through stories and articles shared on the website and social media. Read stories from NGOs in Africa HERE.

It is also building a closer community of NGOs within the region through Africa Chapter meetings and events.

Recent Events

Alliance member NGOs in Africa participate in various programs and events within the continent and globally. To catch up on news and events within Africa click HERE. You can find other news and events from the Alliance HERE.


The Alliance and the International Road Federation (IRF) have collaborated on a research study, funded by the High Volume Transport Applied Research Programme (HVT), as part of the UK Department for International Developmentā€™s (DFID now FCDO) response to COVID-19. The study assessed the transport sector response during the COVID-19 pandemic in seven low- and lower middle-income countries in Africa. This publication can be found HERE.

The Alliance also publishes various research, documents, tools, and resources to guide and aid the work of the Africa Chapter such as the Meaningful Participation Guide and the Safer Cycling Advocate Best Practice Guide. You can find some of the publications HERE.

Regional and Global Meetings

The Alliance organizes Regional and Global Meetings. These meetings bring together all Alliance members online, and when possible, in person for trainings, workshops, panel discussions, site visits, and various other activities centered around road safety. Previous meetings have been held in Greece, Malaysia, Morocco, Belgium, USA, and Turkey. More information on the Global Meetings can be found HERE.