Capacity Building

The Alliance organizes training and capacity building sessions to equip NGOs in Africa with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to lead change in Africa.

Alliance Incubator

The Alliance Incubator pairs up NGOs working on similar issues, offers mentorship from experts, and provides the opportunity to apply for a seed grant to implement the solutions they are working on. The aim of this initiative is to implement a collaborative working system, similar to start-up incubators, with a bottom-up approach: working from the problem to the solution. More information can be found HERE.


Learn, Examine, Review, Act, Replicate, Network (LEARN) develops the knowledge and skills of relevant road safety stakeholders to implement evidence-based road safety actions in Africa. The program is delivered in collaboration with the International Road Federation, IRF (Geneva), funded by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme. More information can be found HERE.


The Alliance hosts webinars on various topics that can help to improve the work of the Africa Chapter and other Alliance member NGOs globally. The webinars cover topics such as fundraising, advocacy for achieving voluntary targets, and reducing work-related driving casualties. More information on these webinars and more can be found HERE.


The Alliance runs several training sessions for members, such as the campaign management training, to build their capacity and support advocacy on various issues. The Alliance’s campaign management training guides NGOs through the process of planning, executing and evaluating campaigns. The course is designed to help the NGOs to integrate new skills and knowledge into their ongoing advocacy activities to create more robust and innovative advocacy strategy for road safety advocacy in their countries. To find out more, click HERE.

For more information on other Alliance training sessions, click HERE.