Our Members in Africa


NGO Name Country
ASIRT Kenya Kenya
Action et Jeunesse pour le Developpement - Securite Routiere AJD - Securite Routiere Mali
Association Les Amis de la Route du Mali Mali
Annahda baamrania assocition for development and road safety education Morocco
Association M'zab prevention Routiere et developpement - AMPROUD Morocco
Amend Mozambique Mozambique
AMVIRO Mozambique
Arrive Alive Road Safety Initiative Nigeria
Amend Tanzania, United Republic of
avr Togo
association tunisienne de la securite et l'ethique routiere Tunisia
Association des Familles de Victimes des Accidents de la Circulation AFVAC - CAMEROUN Cameroon
association des personnes preferees Cameroon
Action for Social Development and Environmental Protection Organization Ethiopia
Amend Road Safety Ghana Ghana